Ibhafidon Honoured With Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award

The founder of WaterLight Save Initiative Worldwide, Prince Ero Ibhafidon has received Joe Biden’s Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award by the Global International Alliance in Atlanta Georgia USA.

The International school is an award program that teaches and trains individuals on how to develop and serve in their communities.

He was honoured with the award as part of his long track record of giving back and in recognition for making a positive impact on building better communities.

Speaking during his acceptance speech, he said “The purpose of life is not to in making money, but for making a meaningful impact”.

This comes after WaterLight Save Initiative Sealed a Partnership Deal with Kentucky NGO called Waterstep.

Ibhafidon a Nigerian with multiple competence who lives In Abuja. He is One of the Global international Alliance oversea Alumni member and also a well-known philanthropist with a passion to serve the needy.



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