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Welcome to the official website of Waterlight Save Initiative, an organization dedicated to uplifting the lives of underprivileged and marginalized communities across Africa. At Waterlight Save Initiative, we firmly believe in empowering individuals who have been burdened by poverty. We strive to provide them with the tools and resources necessary to lead transformative changes within their communities. By fostering self-sufficiency and local leadership, we work towards creating sustainable solutions that uplift both.
People without Safe Drinking Water
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People Die Each Year from unsafe Water Sources
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Nigerians are at High Risk of FoodInsecurity
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We Derive Fulfillment at Spreading Joy

It was a remarkable day for the widows in zuba and orphanage home in zuba, as waterlight save initiative provided free medical outreach, free treatment, free drugs and health tips to widows and orphanage children, Nigeria Television Authority (NTA News) report,

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The mission of Waterlight Saves Initiatives is to bring positive and lasting change to vulnerable communities in Abuja, Nigeria, and throughout Africa. Through tailored assistance, education, healthcare, and empowerment programs, we strive to break the cycles of poverty, exploitation, and preventable health issues that disproportionately affect at-risk women, children, widows, human trafficking survivors, and those lacking essential medical care.

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