What We Do

Our Impact

Waterlight Save Initiative is completely fixed on instilling hope, touching lives, and reaching the unreached communities in Africa through various targeted community based programs and initiatives including the provision of potable water, free medical care for widows and children.

Home of Refuge Orphanage

The Waterlight Save Initiative “ Home of Refuge Orphanage” houses dozens of newborn, infant, and minor orphans, who are parentless, displaced, and outcasted from society, from families and their villages.
We pride ourselves on the spirit, faith, kindness, laughter, love, and optimism used to run the House of Refuge Orphanage. Waterlight is passionate about the well-being, welfare, and educational paths of each and every child in its care. It is imperative that the House of Refuge children are provided with the same opportunities in this world, as every other healthy, happy, and cheerful child! We have partnered with several volunteers, educators, medical personnel, dental personnel, and local and global humanitarian advocates and missionaries…to ensure that their futures are as bright as the light that shines through them and the smiles that have transfixed our hearts.

Every single monetary and tangible donation, child sponsorship, educational provision, clothing, and S.T.E.M related programs and learning experiments. We believe that children are our perpetual legacies and our responsibilities. It is with great honor we are afforded the role of guardian, caretaker, mentor, and family. We thank you in advance for your support, advocacy, donations, time, and volunteerism.

Child Sponsorship Programs

WaterLight Save Initiatives has a unique sponsorship and ”Youth Pen Pal” opportunity for a “Sponsoring Family” to Sponsor a Child at our House of Refuge Orphanage through Monthly Donations and Monthly Updates with a House of Refuge Child. Through letters and emails, both children are introduced to a world both Foreign and Unique to them and helps “Bridge the Gap Between Countries and Humanity. As an International Host Family, your monthly not only contributes to the welfare, health, education and housing of every orphan brought to our doorsteps … but, also serves as a humanitarian gateway for your children .. as they learn and see first hand what their volunteerism, involvement and contributions of love and acceptance lights a perpetual torch of kindness in the lives of others while changing the trajectory of an orphan’s life on the other side of the WORLD

Food Bank Sponsorship Program Zero Hunger

Waterlight Food Bank and weekly pantry drive allow local families in the community the opportunity to visit on-site to receive food provisions and nutritional essentials for free. Hence, combating hunger.


Waterlight Save Initiatives is established to alleviate poverty and improve the quality of lives for Africans in areas of free medical care center, at conflict zone IDP camps, urban schools, etc.


We are specialized start-up in the installation of Bush Library and Medical care centers in colleges, high schools IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) Camp and training centers in conflict zone in Africa.

Fight against Human Trafficking

We have partnered with the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons, where we educate the girl child about the hazards of human trafficking and the per-cautive measures to take to avoid being trafficked.

Solar panel & Greenhouse Initiatives

We provide solar panels to help supply energy for further reaching villages and possible refugees and orphanages.

Climate Change

United we fight to save our planet, and show the world —beyond activism—what we must do to ensure a sustainable future. Together we can mobilize and rally against the forces of climate change, Join us Today.